Tesla in the Cold


I love the cars.
Bought it pre pre split at $94.
Sold at $100+
Saw it pop over 700% in 2020.
Decided to get back in. It's been humbling as a shareholder.
But that's not the reason why I'm doing this.
I'm doing this because I'm trapped, trapped in this internet bubble.
Where winters don't exist for Californians. And if it's cold, remove 50% of the range.
(New one, if it's hot out, you need to cool the battery. Remove another 50% from the range.)
In the prairies, the winters are harsh, oil is king, and headlines are facts.
I'm going to find out:
How will the battery perform in 10 years?
How much more will this cost?
How much more work to travel 500 km?
How much fun will we have?
How do I explain octovalve to my folks?